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Latest Wallpaper Trends 2022

Latest Wallpaper Trends 2022. We always aim to make every year better than the last. This year, it’s a wonderful idea to give our home a makeover. When we think of renovating or remodeling the house, one debate is between painting the walls or trying different wallpapers. Erisa Projects, a commercial construction agency, suggests going for wallpapers this year.


Here are some of the reasons why you should opt for wallpapers when decorating your lovely home.


Advantages of Wallpapers


Erisa-wallpaper advantages

  • Wallpapers are as affordable as they are cheap. Also, they look classy and attractive, giving a welcoming feeling to your house.


  • High-quality wallpapers are durable for a long time.


  • They can be pasted on any surface, including bricks, mud walls, concrete, pre-fabricated, plaster, etc.


  • Wallpapers are very easy to maintain as you just need to wipe them with a soft brush or clean cloth. Some wallpapers are even washable.


  • Also, they are easy to remove. Additionally, you can paste a new one on the same wall easily.


By now, you must have made up your mind to decorate your house with the latest wallpapers. Erisa Projects presents a curated list of wallpaper designs that won’t fail you. Let’s take a look at them so you can choose the best one for you.

Minimalistic Wallpapers


Erisa-Últimas tendencias en wallpaper 2022-Wallpapers minimalistas

We are starting with simple and versatile designs for those who like it low-key.


“Less is more” is one of those things you hear all the time. If you are this kind of person, then you should go for minimalism.


Minimalistic wallpapers may not be the main attraction of your house, but their energy encourages an irresistably calm and soothing environment.


After a long, tiring day, we return to our homes to get some much-needed rest. With these simple, timeless wallpapers, your home will be filled with serenity and effortlessness. 


There are many options from plain ones to light colors with thin stripes. So, get ready to be awestruck with these minimalistic wallpapers.


Art Déco Style Wallpapers


Erisa-estilo Art Déco

The options are endless: you can try any print or color you like for your wallpaper design.


The art déco style incorporates bold touches to create a 20s touch with a modern look.


You can go for strong colors such as red, orange, blue, or black and transform your home’s unique personality.


Also, sharp lines or geometric shapes are a great addition.


Moreover, abstract prints are quirky and can give your home an identity of its own.


Wallpaper Trends 2022: Animalistic Wallpapers


Erisa-animal prints

One bold choice is to choose animal print wallpapers.


They give a fun, playful vibe to the house.


Along with this, your affection for birds and animals has the capacity to be showcased in a creative and subtle manner.


A bird print wallpaper can represent freedom and your desire to fly high in the sky.


These prints are super flexible: you can either go for bold or soft colors for your home.



Forestry Wallpaper 


Erisa-Wallpaper ForestalThe hues of green are the latest color of 2022. You will see shades of green in almost everything.


Green is the symbolism of nature, and if you are a nature lover, then go green.


Give your house a makeover of green tint by green leafy prints on the wallpaper. 


These wallpapers will get you in touch with the environment. Moreover, it is a cool option for your home.


There are many options from tropical elements you can decorate your house with. Then do not be hesitant to show your love for the environment.


Bold Designs


Erisa-bold designsYour house should tell who you are, therefore give your home a bold touch just like you. 


Bold designs can be a floral bold look, eye-catchy abstract print, huge geometrical shapes that will give your home a wonderful make-over.


These can be the center of attraction of your home.


Hence, amaze your guests with bold wallpaper designs.


Wallpaper Trends 2022: Mural Wallpapers


One great option for wallpapers is to go for mural wallpapers. Paste a full wall-size mural wallpaper and voila, here is your aesthetic wall.


This will enable you to fulfill your desire of getting a chiseled wall in your home. Today scientific advancement has enabled the production of real-life-like-looking mural wallpapers giving a classy look to your home. 


Wallpaper Inserts


Erisa-Últimas tendencias en wallpaper 2022-Paneles de wallpaperWell, pasting wallpaper on the whole wall is not always necessary. This means that you can design it in small pieces on the whole wall.


These mini wallpaper inserts are a charming and trendy option for your home.


They break the monotony of the boring walls and spread a feeling of joy in the house.


Therefore, let’s be trendy and mold the home into a modern one.


Erisa Projects suggests you revolutionize your house with these 2022 trendy wallpaper designs and enjoy the perfect make-over.

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