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10 Ways To Transform Your Basic Backyard Into A Resort-Styled Retreat!

10 Ways To Transform Your Basic Backyard Into A Resort-Styled Retreat! Picture this: you have just returned home after a tiring day at work, and you step out into your luxury resort-style backyard to unwind. The swaying hammock, the bright garden lights with the right amount of tropical foliage, and the calming sounds of water trickling from a nearby cascade. Can you feel yourself getting immersed in the mood of relaxation?


With the help of the tips in this article, you can turn your basic backyard into a personal oasis with ease. High-end resorts inspired these cues and ideas to help you unwind and relax in the best way possible. 


So, grab your tools and get ready to unleash your inner DIY-enthusiast to create a luxe resort in your backyard!


10 Tips And Tricks To Turn Your Backyard Into A Luxury Resort

There are dozens of different ways to help remodel your backyard and transform it into your personal paradise. However, it is common to hit a creativity block, but don’t worry! We have curated a list of the ten best ways to help make your backyard feel like a luxury resort!


And the best part is that all these ideas are easy to execute and come at pocket-friendly prices.


Pick A Theme And Anchor Around It


Erisa-10 Ways To Transform Your Basic Backyard Into A Resort-Styled Retreat!-Pick a topic and focus around itWith careful observation, you would notice that most high-end luxury resorts have an underlying design theme that pulls together the décor, lights, and other elements to give it a cohesive look. 


Therefore, the first step to recreate this into your backyard is by picking a theme.


Whether you want to design your backyard inspired by minimalist designs or places like Bali and Morocco, or just anything you please, make sure to fixate on one theme and work around it.


Set The Mood With The Right Lighting


Erisa-10 Ways To Transform Your Basic Backyard Into A Resort-Styled Retreat! -Set the scene with the right lightingThe easiest way to elevate the look and feel of your backyard is by adding the right lighting. However, it is very easy to go overboard with it as well, especially if you are redecorating for the first time.


Therefore, it is best recommended to opt for soft lighting to make your backyard go from basic to dreamy. 


Here’s a lighting idea to try out: hanging lanterns are a great way to elevate your backyard. Use a couple of these lights and hang them on the nearby trees. You can also dangle a few glowing lights on the trees and use downcast wall lights to add a little flicker of light near the fire pit. 


This will create a magical ambiance for the evening. If you are unsure of how to proceed with lighting, contact your local electrician for light installation and follow through on regular electrical safety inspections.


Redecorate And Remodel Your Porch


Erisa-10 Ways To Transform Your Basic Backyard Into A Resort-Styled Retreat!-Redecorate and remodel your porchTables and furniture also play a vital role in determining the overall look of your backyard. While your standard chairs and tables are great for a casual setup, there is something about adding a hanging swing or a lounge that sets the right mood for relaxation.


However, there is plenty of designer furniture that looks attractive but is not the most practical in real life. Therefore, opt for furniture that is comfortable but is also aesthetically pleasing, as these will act as focal points through the yard.


If you want modern furniture that you can submerge into the pool, try pool lounges that are perfect to simply dip your toes in the water.


Hang A Trendy Hammock


Erisa-10 Ways To Transform Your Basic Backyard Into A Resort-Styled Retreat!-Hang a modern hammockImagine gently swaying with the wind under a shade to relax. There is no doubt that the best way to upgrade your backyard from simple to stellar is by adding a trendy hanging hammock. 


Before you buy a hammock, choose an ideal spot to hang it. This space needs to be under a shady area, preferably under two sturdy trees.


However, you can also purchase a model that comes with a convenient stand for easy installation. Additionally, the area under the hammock needs to be soft, so set it up over bark mulch, grass, or soft gravel.


Upgrade Your Pool With Resort-Style Accessories


Erisa-10 Ways To Transform Your Basic Backyard Into A Resort-Styled Retreat!-Upgrade your pool with resort-style accessoriesSome of the most commonly seen accessories in a resort are vibrant throw pillows, huge decorative umbrellas, and sleek furniture.


Incorporating these elements into your backyard based on your likes and dislikes can help uplift the look of it. However, if you have already chosen a specific color palette or a theme, make use of it to style your backyard.


In addition to this, you can also consider using lights inside the pool to give it a fancy effect. However, make sure to get the help of a pool wiring electrician to get it done safely.



Erisa-10 Ways To Transform Your Basic Backyard Into A Resort-Styled Retreat!-Includes a mobile cart for food and drinks

Include A Mobile Cart For F&B


You can see most resorts having mobile carts ready to serve you cool spritzers, sangrias, and other tropical desserts. 


By prepping your requirements beforehand, you too can have a mobile cart for F&B, which is guaranteed to give a resort-like feel to your backyard.


Use Tropical Plants And Greenery


Erisa-10 Ways To Transform Your Basic Backyard Into A Resort-Styled Retreat! -Use tropical plants and greeneryOne of the first things you would see when you enter a resort is the wide range of tropical plants and greenery used to decorate the place.


Therefore, include tropical-looking greenery to upscale your landscape design.


Plants like Bamboo, Kniphofia, Bird of Paradise (also known as Strelitzia sp.), bougainvillea, canna, shell ginger, and Kahila garland-lily can be used for these purposes. 


However, make sure the plants will survive the temperature of your residence.


Erisa-10 Ways To Transform Your Basic Backyard Into A Resort-Styled Retreat!-Buy an outdoor shower

Purchase An Outdoor Shower


Most resorts have a shower right beside the pool so people can take a quick shower before going for a swim.


Therefore, investing in a stylish outdoor shower can contribute to the relaxing ritual found at high-end resorts.



Add A Water Fountain


Erisa-Add a fontIt’s amazing how the trickling sound of water can help transform a boring, bland backyard into the ultimate abode of relaxation.


This is especially true if you live in urban environments where the sounds of traffic and a nearby AC unit are more prevalent.


However, installing a water fountain with a splash or fall of water in its design can help mask unwanted noises and bring in a sense of calmness within you.


Add A Few Luxe Accents


Erisa -Add a few fancy detailsIf you are a little short on cash or do not wish to invest in pricey patio furniture, you can consider purchasing high-quality cushions to keep outside.


However, make sure that they are moisture and fade-resistant. 


Cushions like these often come in vibrant colors and trendy patterns. And the best part is their affordable price point.


You can also use other accents like pretty plant pots, lanterns, outdoor rugs, side tables, etc., to give your backyard a more luxurious feel.


Wrapping Up


Erisa -EndingAs much as you would like to get comfortable and lounge around inside your house, your backyard can be your haven, especially if it is decked up with all the right bells and whistles. 


You can indeed transform your outdoor space into a luxury sanctuary. With the help of the right local electrician companies, you can install neatly manicured landscapes and resort-like pools to help you relax with Shangri La bliss.


 So, get ready to indulge in unmatched relaxation by transforming your basic backyard into your personal oasis!


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